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"Electric elephants!" What's The Time Buddy

On Line And Feeling Fine!

Tech's original catchphrase from 1999-2002

Time To Put My Hand In The Depot's Machine!

Tech's new catchphrase in Back In Dream Street before the magic time theme starts

Tech (or otherwise known as Wise Tech) is a grey mechanical robot who helps Buddy with magic. He is also buddy's foster father and never gets angry with buddy. He has a moving light for his eye and a blue light for his mouth when he talks. He also has a television screen on his tummy like the teletubbies. He is also similiar to the Tweenie Clock. He Is Voiced By Russ Abbot. He Is Now Voiced By David Holt In The Reboot Series 2021. He has a South-Western accent

In the 2021 reboot series Back In Dream Street, When Buddy starts crying, Tech will try to calm him down by singing a lullaby

Tech in 1999

Likes: Helping Buddy

Dislikes: Silliness

Favourite Game: Computer Games

Favourite Colour: Silver

Favourite Food: Sausages