Yee Ha!, Speed Indeed!, Indeed, We've Got Speed!, (Laughing)

Jack Hammer pretending to be a cowboy while watching Buddy in King Of The Road

Jack Hammer is a bouncing pneumatic drill who is naughty, Voiced By Dave Benson Phillips. He speaks in a weird male voice. He plays tricks on Hot Rodney, Being the chief of the Wild Bunch and sometimes annoys Buddy. He wears a blue cap on backwards and also has the initials 'JH' on his Body which stands for his name. He inspires by tigger from the Winnie The Pooh Franchise. Jack uses his talking to sing a song 

Jack Hammer
Character Information



Pneumatic drill


Hot Rodney, The Wild Bunch, Hot Air, Daisy Do-Right, Buddy, Ice Cool, Tech, Amber, Scarlet, Half-Pint

Voiced by

Dave Benson Phillips Jamie Rickers

Stats[edit | edit source]

Likes[edit | edit source]

Having fun

Dislikes[edit | edit source]

Hard work

Favourite Game[edit | edit source]


Favourite Colour[edit | edit source]


Favourite Food  

Baked Beans  

Other Names

Crash Hammer (By Hot Rodney) 

Jack Hammer in 1999

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