Hot Rodney is a naughty, brash and reckless hot rod car, he's light blue with red, yellow and orange flames. He sometimes

Hot Rodney

gets frustrated with jack for playing tricks. He is sometimes crying in some episodes, He and Buddy will cry in some episodes of Back In Dream Street when there is bad news in Dream Street, Luckily, Jack has an idea. He is voiced by Chris Jarvis. He is Gold instead of Blue In Back In Dream Street.  

Rodney is very loud but he is not angry

He was the hero in Building Block Blunders where he rescued Buddy and Hot Air when they were trapped under a ton of building blocks.

First Appearance: King Of The Road

Last Appearance: Gold Star Parade

Jack, You Can Play When You Stop Being Naughty!

Hot Rodney talking to Jack Hammer

I Hate Pink!

But I Like Blue!

Hot Rodney's quotes in The Big Pink Furry Thing 

I'm Unstoppable! 

Rodney in Jumping Jack 

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