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The Sun Is Up And It's Not Just Me Up And Down, Up And Down!, Is It Hot Air?, I Know Where To Find Him! 

Jack Hammer appearing for the first time 

Hot Air is the first ever episode of Dream Street and the first episode from series 1. It was written by Ross Hastings and aired on CITV on May 6th 1999. Hot Air is sucking the air out of tyres which leaves everyone feeling flat so Buddy hatches a plan to catch him.

Full Plot[]

It's a another regular day on Dream Street and as Buddy heads to the Depot he notices that Daisy's tyres have been let down. Buddy decides to take her to the Depot to get her tires filled up.

Amber and Scarlett think someone is making raspberry noises and it soon makes it clear that a certain someone is on the loose.

Buddy and Daisy then go to the Depot to meet Tech. In no time at all Tech fills Daisy's tyres up again and Daisy heads off to get ready for her Roll Call.

Daisy then does her Roll Call with The Sleeping Policemen (PC Snooze, PC Snore and PC Nodoff) and informs them that Hot Air is sucking everyone's tires and they need to look for him.

After Daisy meets Jack, Buddy is doing his usual business again but then hears the strange noise Amber and Scarlett heard earlier. He then sees who The Wild Bunch are paying with. We soon find out that it's Hot Air and in no time at all Hot Air zooms off with Buddy chasing after him. Buddy however is too slow and Hot Air escapes. He the runs into Daisy and explains that he was too fast. Then he soon gets an idea and goes to see Tech to get the magic.

He later returns with his Magic Radar and tries to find where Hot Air is. Daisy on the other hand have made The Sleeping Policeman preform a road block. Hot Air appears again and Buddy chases him again.

Hot Air then runs into the road block and knowing he has nowhere else to go, heads straight into The Wild Bunch, sending him into the air and crashing back down on the floor.

Daisy tells Hot Air that "his days of letting everyone down on Dream Street are over" and gives him a Do-Right Duty which is to blow up balloons for the new street decorations. She then winks at Buddy, Buddy smiles and heads back home to the Depot.

Buddy and Tech notice some balloons near them, they know Daisy have made Hot Air do them and Tech replies that Daisy is "a smart one" with Buddy agreeing.


  • This is the first episode of Dream Street.

  • This is the first episode to feature the Dream Street characters, Except Hot Rodney and Ice Cool.