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Welcome to Dream Street Wikia, the home of our hero Buddy the pickup truck and all of his friends and the best place to learn all about this forgotten classic. So come on because "It's magic time!". The main characters for the show are Buddy, Daisy Do-Right, Jack Hammer, Hot Rodney and Tech


Buddy- (who's quote in the series is "It's MAGIC TIME!!!!!!") a tow truck-like pickup truck who is always friendly and helpful. In "By the Book", Buddy thinks that Daisy is a great police officer on Dream Street. Buddy seems to be best friends with Daisy. He is yellow. He has lots of tools to equip after Tech helps out with the magic. He is now blue in Back In Dream Street

Hot Rodney- a mischevious hot rod car who is brash and reckless. In the episode "Building Block Blunder", he was a hero by saving Buddy and Hot Air. Also, in that episode, he chose Jack's do-right duty. In "Beep Beep!!" he wakes up everybody in Dream Street by blowing a rare air horn. He is blue with red, orange and yellow flames on his bonnet. He loves saying "VROOM, VROOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" and "BEEP BEEP!". He is now gold in Back In Dream Street

Daisy - (also known as Daisy Do-Right), a beautiful police car. In "King for the Day", she gave Hot Rodney his do-right duty to learn about queens and kings. She is pink and white and kind. She is now red in Back In Dream Street

Jack Hammer - (others call him Jack), a naughty pneumatic jackhammer drill. In the episode "Building Block Blunder", he tied Hot Air to the building. He is now in CGI in Back In Dream Street

Half-Pint - a shy milk float. He likes sleeping in the dark. He is white and light blue. He seems to be quite nervous about things, but with help from his friend Buddy, Half-Pint overcomes his fears. He is voiced by Emma Tate in the original series and Bradley Walsh in Back In Dream Street

Hot Air- a strange looking vehicle. He normally communicates by blowing raspberries. Although he speaks only for the first time in the first original series episode Hot Air, He speaks for the first time in Back In Dream Street and will be voiced by Richard Ridings

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