Half-Pint is a very shy light blue and white milk float. 

He can get scared quite easily and became Daisy's deputy when Hot Rodney and The Wild Bunch stole his milk Deputy Half Pint He's Going Too Fast Splated Jelly Whippy Creamy Buddy Help Cleans The Whippy Creamy Half Pint's Mist And Half Pint Super milk Crashed Into The Giant Jelly Buddy help To The Rescue Magic Digger Clear Up The Giant Jelly Put Back Together Again

The Milkshakes Are On Me!

Half Pint in Surprise Surprise In the episode Midnight Monstering, he was seen sleeping near the Gossips. That happened when the 2 are gossiping away, only to find that they have to wake up a very sleepy Half-Pint.


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