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Building block Blunders.jpg

Buddy and Hot Air get trapped under some building blocks

Full Plot[]

The episode begins with Jack digging a hole near Coney Island, he complains that it's "not easy, not peasy and defiantly not lemon squeezy." Rodney comes in and says it's playtime, Jack celebrates but Amber and Scarlett tell him that it isn't. Rodney tells Jack he would love to help him but Jack says he can't since he doesn't have a digger bit on him.

Rodney still wants to do a job and says that he'll help direct the traffic with Amber and Scarlett however they disagree saying that he's not responsible. After failing on that, he asks Half Pint if he could help out with the milk deliveries but he says he already did it. Rodney now furious says he's never doing anything again ever.

Back at Coney Island, Jack is getting tired of having to listen to The Gossips and decides to hatch a plan with Hot Air. Jack ties Hot Air to a lamp post and tells Buddy that Hot Air has broken down. Buddy hooks up to Hot Air unaware of what Jack has done. Buddy pulls and pulls but Hot Air doesn't budge, eventually the lamp post gives in sending both Buddy and Hot Air crashing into the building blocks. Amber asks them if they're okay, Buddy replies they are but they can't move.

Daisy finds out what happened and rushes off to get Rodney. However he's still convinced no one needs him, Daisy reassures him and tells him that Buddy and Hot Air needs their help. Rodney finally calms down and rushes off to the rescue.

Rodney pushes the blocks out of the way freeing Buddy however the other blocks are too difficult leaving Hot Air still trapped. Buddy heads to the Depot to get the magic, he eventually returns with his Super Scooper. Rodney then pushes the other blocks as hard as he can, eventually Hot Air is free and everyone is safe and sound. Daisy is unhappy what Jack Hammer did but instead of giving him a do right duty, she tells Rodney to do so. He replies saying he'll give him lots and lots of do right duty's as everyone laughs.