"Electric Elephants"
"What's the time, Buddy?"
"It's MAGIC TIME!!!"
"On line and feeling fine!"

Time To Put My Hand In The Depot's Machine!

Tech's new quote in Back In Dream Street before Buddy says Ahhh!

—Buddy and Tech's quotes

Magic Time Buddy is the main protagonist. He is voiced by Charlotte Bellamy Anna Wiliamson. And Daisy Do-Right's best friend. He's a yellow breakdown truck who comes with various attachments to help his friends when they are in trouble. In Back In Dream Street, He is now Blue. In the episode Building Block Blunder Jack tied Hot Air to a lamp post buddy pulled so hard that the rope snapped causing Buddy and Hot Air becoming stuck under a pile of Building Blocks He has a red B on his sides and nose. He is one of the male characters who are voiced by a female. Although Buddy's favourite colour is yellow, His favourite is also Blue just like Hot Rodney as mentioned in the reboot Back In Dream Street




Daisy Do-Right (Best friend)

Tech (Friend/Mentor)

Half-Pint (Friend)

Ice Coll (Friend)

Amber and Scarlet (Friends)


Using magic to help his friends



Favourite gameEdit

Treasure hunts

Favourite colourEdit

Yellow (1999-2002), Blue (2021-Present)

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